Assisted Living Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

Manage caregiver workloads, view all caregiving activities, and document everything quickly and easily; right from your smartphone.

Alcomy gives assisted living administrators, caregivers, and owners the tools they’ve been dreaming of to manage their heavy workloads, achieve visibility into all caregiving activities, and document everything quickly and easily. The result: saved time, improved communication,  and error-free documentation.

Manage caregiver workloads, view all caregiving activities, and document everything quickly and easily; right from your smartphone.

Manage Everything From Anywhere

With the Alcomy app you are no longer tied to the facility. Manage your staff, check on task completion, get updates & alerts, manage medications, put out fires, and so much more; all from your mobile device.

Medication Management

Medication management doesn't have to be painful; in fact, Alcomy makes it simple.

Care Plan Management

Care plans are at the heart of what you do. Now you can manage them with ease like never before

Task Management

Task management has been re-imagined to make work simple and transparent.

Facility Management

Manage multiple facilities and gain insights for each. Multi-facility managers rejoice!

Say Goodbye To Paper

Say Hello To Alcomy

Boost Productivity & Eliminate Errors

Powerful Features To Conquer Any Situation

all your tasks Organized in one place

Keeping track of everything that needs to get done has never been so easy. Quickly create, assign, followup and complete tasks from anywhere. Now you and your staff will always be on the same page

realtime information at your finger tips

Alcomy brings all information to you no matter where you are: enabling you to keep tabs on what others are doing, address issues the instant they arise, and quickly gain insight into your facilities' health.

AN INTUITIVE design that looks beautiful

We believe that technology should enhance your productivity not impede it. That's why we designed Alcomy to be as frictionless as possible. Although we packed Alcomy with a bunch of functionality, you'll be surprised how natural and easy it is to use.


No more finding out 3 days later that a critical task didn't get done. Alcomy will alert your staff if such tasks get missed. If tasks continue to go unchecked then alerts will escalate up the chain of command until action is taken.

Announcements keeps everyone in the loop

Now you can better communicate important developments to your staff. Simply post an announcement on the bulletin board for all to see. Staff can then sign off that they've read it. Finally, no more claims of not getting the memo!

intelligent Automation

Don't you just love doing all those little tedious tasks that licensing requires you to do to stay in compliance? Yeah we didn't think so. That's why we built Alcomy to do it for you. Alcomy comes with a number of automation features to do away with redundancy: again, giving you back more time.


Alcomy is more than just a cool app for assisted living professionals. It is the standard by which assisted living facilities should operate in a technology driven world. The days of managing and documenting with paper are quickly becoming extinct (as are the facilities that are reluctant to embrace this new digital era). Alcomy is at the forefront of this paradigm shift taking place in the industry and is revolutionizing the way assisted living professionals handle day-to-day operations.

Alcomy Frees You To Do More Of What You Want

Alcomy Frees You To Do More Of What You Want

Here are some things Alcomy frees you to do:

Such an important part of your business; yet, how often does it get put on the back burner in favor of less important tasks that suck up your time? Hmmm… If only there was a tool that helped you get back that precious time…

Building relationships in your community is a great way to strengthen your brand image. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you had more time to dedicate to that rather than chasing down caregivers to get things done?

You have aspiring ideas to make your business the best it can be. It involves a new training program, redesigning the aesthetics, improving family relations, etc; but when do you have the time to do all these things? We can’t redesign your facility but we can help by giving you back precious time.

Taking a break from work is super important for your well-being. Unfortunately, there are many assisted living administrators that can’t even take a few days off, or the whole place goes to hell. If this sounds like you, Alcomy can help.

"Now I can go on vacation and still know what's going on in my facility."
Owner/Administrator | Utah

Why Us

We Know You Best

"I co-founded Alcomy because I truly believe there is a better way to manage assisted living facilities. With over 18 years of experience in the industry (nine of which I've owned and operated my own facilities), I have become intimately familiar with the frustrations, headaches, and worries owners and administrators, like you, face on a daily basis. Your pain and your story is what drives us here at Alcomy to build the perfect solution for you. Alcomy is what I wish I had when I was in your shoes."
Ilija Vrajich
CEO | Co-founder

Security & Reliability Is Our #1 Priority

HIPAA Compliant

Alcomy goes up and beyond the minimum requirements of HIPAA when securing your data. We use the latest security best practices, including 256-bit military grade encryption, to ensure all your data is safe and protected.

Reliability At Scale

We designed Alcomy to be incredibly reliable and resilient as demand increases. As traffic increases during busy times of the day Alcomy scales with it to ensure systems are available and performance isn't compromised.

Automatic Upates

As we push new features to Alcomy, you'll get those updates automatically the second they are available. You don't have to do anything. It just happens seemlessly in the background.

Data Replication & Backups

Alcomy replicates and backs up your data over multiple data centers; giving you the peace of mind that if something catastrophic happened, your data is safe and ready to go.

Your Business In The Cloud

Alcomy gives you the power of digital without needing to worry about managing servers, backing up data, dealing with outages, and all the time and cost associated with it. Just open the app and your ready to go.

See What Alcomy Can Do For You

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