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Our Journey

In the beginning...

Since 1999 the founders of Alcomy have been involved in the assisted living industry in many different capacities. Starting as a caregiver at the age of 18 and working in every capacity inside an assisted living facility all the way to owning and operating multiple buildings. Throughout the years in many capacities it has been apparant that there are many inefficencies within the industry which is what sparked the birth of the idea of a digital solution that would truley help bring both the caregiver and administrator on to the same page and ultimatly provide greater care for the growing seniors to find themselves needing care and moving into an assisted living facility or board and care. 

Alcomy 1.0

Running a facility is hard work. No matter the size from small to large, all administrators, executive directors and staff are faced with a growing need to be on the same page, provide the best care possible and document in such a way to minimize liability as much as possible.

Upon searching for a solution, none really could be found that truly addressed the pains that facilities face on a daily basis. Due to this an attempt to build a software solution began and Alcomy 1.0 was born. By going digital inside their facilites, the owners were able cut down drastically on the time it takes to handle daily and monthly tasks. What use to take 45 mintutes to complete at the end of the month now took 15 mintues.


Alcomy 2.0 - 3.0

Now that the digital solution that was created was helping give owners the time to focus more on better care and spending more time with residents, it was hopeful that more could be done to make things better and more efficient. A crucial moment came in our journey when upon doing further research into the industry, the founders discovers that even large facilities were using a paper based system to run their facilities that it became apparent that a solution like Alcomy would be something for the entire industry regardless of the size of the facility. We knew that if we could build something that would save time for facilities and make them more efficient would mean that they would ultimately save money and better be able to provide the best care and minimize liability the industry as a whole would be a better place to work.


In an effort to see if a solution like Alcomy would be something that the rest of the industry has been wanting and looking for we set out to validate 3 main hypotheses: 1) The problems that we experienced in our own facilities were wide spread across the industry. 2) The problem was big enough that facility decision-makers would invest a reasonable amount of money for a solution. 3) The solution we had envisioned fits the needs of our target customer group. 

Over the course of 6 months we met with over 60 administrators of facilities small to large. What we found was astonishing. Nearly all of the administrators interviewed acknowledged that they experience the same pains and frustrations while running their own facilities on a daily basis. Furthermore, we found out that around 76% of all facilities small to medium used a paper based system to manage all their operations. Of the larger facilities many had some sort of 3rd party software solution they used, but they were not utilizing its full potential.

Meet the Founders

The Vrajich Brothers

Ilija Vrajich

ceo | co-founder

Ilija has over 18 years of experience in the assisted living industry. Over those 18 years he has seen and done just about everything this is; including, owning and operating multiple facilities over the last 9 years. It was during these years that Ilija conceived the idea of a software solution that would be be so impactful, it would revolutionize the way assisted living operated.

Ilija’s ability to understand the problems assisted living facilities face on a daily basis is matched only by his passion to streamline efficiency through the use of technology. He is a visionary, who knows what it take to get things done efficiently. He is a seasoned entrepreneur who loves what it can do to benefit the world.  Ilija loves to use the power of technology to make the lives of business owners more efficient and enjoyable. 

Ilija is proud father of 5 kids and husband of a beautiful wife who is the love of his life. He is an avid sports fan and loves to be outdoors. He loves to connect with people and learn from everyone’s experiences. 

Brané Vrajich

cto | co-founder

If Ilija can be thought of as the light source that provides vision, then Brané would definitely be the magnifying glass (or mirror) that focuses that vision into something executable. Much of Alcomy’s strategy and product offering is attributed to Brane’s ability to dismantle complex problems and forge innovative solutions that look beautiful. He has the business know-how, industry understanding, development skills, and  designer’s creative eye that make him an indispensable asset to the Alcomy team.

When not working on Alcomy, Brané enjoys spending time with his family at home, at the lake, or while camping. Some of his hobbies include reading fantasy/sci-fy books, woodworking and photography. He is also an avid learner and will often times spend hours on end researching various topics in technology, science, entrepreneurship, design, or just about anything that involves creating something. Brané currently lives in Spanish Fork, Utah with his wife, Rebekah, and his son Dejan; with one more on the way.

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